This month, we’d like to acknowledge Dietel Partners, a family-owned philanthropic advising firm that represents anonymous donors’ interests and awards grants on their behalf. Dietel Partners and its clients have supported CRYP for more than three years.

Our relationship started in 2012, when Dietel Partners awarded a grant that allowed CRYP to purchase two large vans. Finally, after 24 years of running a youth center, we were able to transport youth and staff with our own vehicles! Then, in 2013 and 2014, Dietel Partners provided critical funding for two youth programming positions — and for a new Xerox machine when the old one died right before the busy 2013 holiday season.

In the last 12 months, Dietel Partners and its clients supported CRYP with special grants to put up fencing that would secure the 5-acre Waniyetu Wowapi (“Winter Count”) Art Park property. They also underwrote the new art internship program for local teens; CRYP graduated the first cohort of interns at the inaugural RedCan graffiti jam in July, and the second cohort is starting the internship program this fall.

Ren Dietel, senior partner (pictured here), said CRYP appeals to Dietel Partners and its anonymous donors for several reasons.

“CRYP is home to some of the most dedicated program staff in all of Indian Country,” she explained. “Staff members are committed to serving the youth in the community, and they’re always responsive to changing needs. There is no resting on laurels at CRYP; they’re constantly coming up with programs and internships that are both innovative and impactful.

“Personal growth is part of the formula for success, both for youth and staff alike,” she continued. “There are real expectations about personal responsibility and making CRYP the best youth project, which means everyone is working on growing their personal skill sets. I love how, the minute you walk in the doors, you can feel what a vibrant, positive place CRYP is. You feel that everyone is welcome.”

Founded in 2007, Dietel Partners provides individuals and families with philanthropic strategy, counsel and grants management services. It has the privilege of working with multigenerational family clients who passionately believe in the power of philanthropy to support positive change in the world. Together with its clients, Dietel Partners provides financial and other resources to enhance human rights, improve the lives of women and children, preserve cultural diversity and ensure the environmental health of the planet. It has offices in Maine, Virginia, and Seattle, Washington. For more information, visit