Mike Marshall Rawhide Earrings


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Adorn yourself with these hand-painted, raw hide earrings created by artist, Mike Marshall. Each set of earrings comes with its own, matching painted box.

Earrings are approximately 1″ x 2.5″; Box is 3″ x 3″.

Mike Marshall

An enrolled member of the Sicangu Lakota Tribe, full-time artist Mike Marshall was born in Rosebud, South Dakota. Drawing on his cultural heritage, he incorporates natural materials in the objects he makes, much as his ancestors did. He uses hides, bone, beads and paints, creating art objects that are both utilitarian and decorative. His work is highly sought after by collectors as well as cultural center facilities to enhance their exhibits.

Among the many objects he creates are painted rawhide containers of various shapes and sizes; painted buffalo robes; silver work; beaded jewelry; bags; horn spoons; beaded spoons, forks, and tin cups; rawhide bowls used in pounding cherries; Lakota toys, and games such as the snow snake, deer toe game, and bone sleds. A collection of his Lakota games are on display at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in Sioux City, Iowa.

Marshall learned the art of making traditional Lakota craft primarily through hands-on experience and guidance from the treasures of the past, from which he draws his inspiration. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1999 from the Site Gleska Art Institute in Mission, South Dakota; as a result of this formal education in the arts, Marshall has expanded his artistry to include batiks, watercolors, and stone sculptures.

When asked if his work is contemporary or traditional, he says, “I jump around from strong traditional to modern abstraction,” and it represents “… bonds to the past, but with my personal view of understanding our culture.”

Mike Marshall also serves as a hunting guide, and he is always willing to do demonstrations and teach people about his culture and the work he creates.