Indigenous Cooking Internship
The idea for this internship track came from one of our teens. In this track, interns learn the history of different foods, their relationships to traditional Lakota medicines and ceremonies, and their contemporary uses. They also get plenty of hands-on kitchen time, learning to make ceyaka tea, flat cedar tea, chokecherry juice, wojapi, chokecherry patties, dried buffalo meat, wasna, ba’ pa soup, squash flour, and more. They document their experiences in journals, and they create their own spirit dishes/smudge kits to conclude their internships.

Spring Indigenous Cooking Internship 2020

The Cheyenne River Youth Project welcomes you to apply to our spring session of the Indigenous Cooking Youth Internship Program for Cheyenne River area youth ages 14 to 17 years old. A review committee will select youth they feel are qualified to take on the demanding schedule and program goals involved with the program. During the length of these internship sessions, participants will learn the importance of traditional indigenous foods and cooking using natural ingredients, much of which comes from our very own Winyan Toka Win Garden.

This program is guided by traditional and spiritual principles which incorporates our Lakota values including; generosity, spirituality, wisdom, respect, courage, honesty, and patience. In an area where fast, cheap food is not comprised of healthy ingredients or even actual food we should be consuming, our interns will gain skills food wise that will give them a leg up in the world.

Youth are required to work up to 50 hours over the course of their program session. Upon successful completion of the internship, participants will receive a stipend up to the amount of $500. All chosen participants are required to attend every class and activity scheduled for them by their instructors. As of this time, classes are tentatively scheduled for 4pm to 6pm in the evening, Monday through Friday in each session. If there is a discrepancy in program dates and interns personal schedules, this must be discussed and worked out prior to their entrance into the program.

Interns will work with the following (not limited to or in any particular order):

●  Buffalo Meat

●  Traditional Teas

●  Chokecherries, Wild Apples and other fruits

●  Various types of Squash

●  Wild Rice

●  Honey and other natural sweeteners

●  Various professional kitchen equipment

Interns will also learn not only the traditional techniques of preparing meals, but also learn proper protocol in today’s professional industrial kitchens and how to combine these two worlds. Participants may take trips organized by their instructor as whole, learn food safety, as well as personal safety.

To apply for this internship track you can download the Spring 2020 Indigenous Cooking Internship application and return it to us or fill out the form below. You and your parent/guardian will receive a confirmation email once the form is submitted.

Applications are DUE to Anthony Potter by Friday April 17 @ 6:00pm

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