Advisory Board

Senator Tim Johnson, D-SD (Retired)
Ernie Stevens, Chairman of the National Indian Gaming Association
Gay Kingman, Executive Director of the Great Plains Tribal Chairmans Association
Lila Melhaff
Heather Dawn Thompson
Dr. James Garrett (Retired)
Dr. Geraldine Gutwein
Lily Mendoza y Ducheneaux
Dr. Blayne Amir Sayed
Romuald Caroff
James Kearney
Dani Daugherty
Steven Gunn
Marlene Helgamo
Jennifer Schoelerman, Timber Lake High School Counselor
Christopher Grant
Marcella LeBeau, (Retired Nurse)
Bruce Woodard
Gay Kingman
Alexandra Meador
Lonnie Heier
Julie Veal, Volunteer Alumni
Winifred Kelly, Volunteer Alumni
Laura Hands, Volunteer Alumni
East Foster, Graffiti Writer
Tyler Read, Dahl Fine Arts Center

Waniyetu Wowapi Lakota Youth Arts & Culture Institute

Tyler Read
Jeremy Stabb
Lynn Burnette
Rebecca Cruse

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Mission & History

In 1988, Julie Garreau and a group of volunteers founded CRYP in a defunct bar on Eagle Butte’s Main Street. We’ve come a long way since then. Learn more about our Mission and History.


CRYP wouldn’t be where it is today without our resourceful, hard-working staff members, who routinely go well beyond the call of duty to serve our children, families and community. Learn more about our Staff.

Board of Directors

We are fortunate to have the support of a dedicated group of local and regional community leaders, who consistently offer their guidance as CRYP continues to grow and evolve. Learn more about our Board of Directors. 

Advisory Board

As we pursue our ongoing mission in the Cheyenne River community, and engage with partners across the country, CRYP also calls on a team of valued professionals for advice and expertise. Learn more about CRYP’s Advisory Board.


A core component of our mission is to offer safe, positive, healthy spaces for our young people, families and community members to gather, exchange ideas, learn, socialize and thrive. Learn more about our Facilities.

Honors & Awards

Through the years, CRYP’s efforts have been recognized by a variety of regional and national organizations. Learn more about Our Honors and Awards.


We strive to keep our partners, supporters and friends up to date on all the latest happenings here at CRYP. Click here to see our Publications.


CRYP is dedicated to full transparency. Click here for our latest Financial statements and 990.