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CRYP embraces the principles of social enterprise to improve the health and economic vibrancy of our community. We utilize naturally grown foods from the Winyan Toka Win (Leading Lady) Garden and locally inspired products from our youth programming to serve as foundational resources for our social enterprise ventures, which comprise the Keya (Turtle) Cafe, Keya Gift Shop and seasonal Leading Lady Farmers Market. These three social enterprises provide nutritious, locally grown food options along with real-world training and employment opportunities for our youth and community members.


Keya Cafe

Because it is a social enterprise, the Keya Cafe is different than any other dining venue on the Cheyenne River reservation. When customers order meals, baked goods, coffee drinks and smoothies at the cafe, they’re directly supporting CRYP’s culturally appropriate, innovative, enduring programming that has effectively served Cheyenne River’s youth and their families for two generations. At its heart, it’s a dining experience that allows customers to play an active role in lifting up the Cheyenne River community. Learn more about the Keya Cafe.

Keya Gift Shop

As with the Keya Cafe, all purchases made in our Keya Gift Shop benefit our youth programming and Family Services. It’s also a critical component of our Social Enterprises Internship, a vibrant business in which our teens can learn the job and life skills they’ll need to work in the business world outside our walls. Learn more about the Keya Gift Shop.

Leading Lady Farmers Market

Our Leading Lady Farmers Market was formally established in July 2013. After nearly 10 years of hosting a small weekly farmers market to sell fresh produce and canned goods from the Winyan Toka Win Garden, CRYP sought to expand the market with a dedicated vision to developing sustainable, sovereign food systems and community-based entrepreneurship. We were able to achieve that in 2014, and in the years since, the market has continued to grow. Learn more about the Leading Lady Farmer’s Market.



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