Native Food Sovereignty
Guided by traditional and spiritual principles, CRYP has incorporated the Lakota values of generosity, spirituality, wisdom, respect, courage, honesty and patience into the development of its Native Food Sovereignty initiatives. By integrating these values, our 2.5-acre, naturally grown Winyan Toka Win (Leading Lady) Garden—and the many programs and classes it supports—will make a meaningful contribution to our Cheyenne River community and the future of the Lakota Nation.

Our Native Food Sovereignty initiatives are built upon a unique combination of spiritual, human and land-based resources. They are sustained by the participation and energies of countless partners, staff members, volunteers and children. They are cornerstones for our most beloved clubs, internships, workshops, classes and social enterprises, and they are highly effective for strengthening the connection our young people have with their Lakota life ways—and with Mother Earth.


Winyan Toka Win Garden

Fostering a sense of connectedness has always been the primary goal of the Winyan Toka Win Garden. Decades ago, Iyonne Garreau (mother to Julie Garreau, CRYP’s executive director) developed the original vision for a community garden, which would fulfill elders’ desires for traditional foods and reacquaint Lakota children with the earth. Learn more about the Winyan Toka Win Garden.

Outdoor Classroom

The Winyan Toka Win Garden provides more than food items for meals and gifts. It offers hands-on learning opportunities to young children and teens, serving as an outdoor classroom for The Main’s Garden Club and Cokata Wiconi’s Native Food Sovereignty Teen Internship. Learn more about our Outdoor Classroom.

Workshops & Classes

Throughout the year, CRYP offers Native Food Sovereignty workshops and classes that are open to members of the general public. Learn more about the Workshops and Classes we offer.