The Cheyenne River Youth Project gives children and teens the opportunities and tools they need for a future in which they do more than survive—they thrive. We are planting seeds for that future every day, through programs dedicated to holistic wellness, job and life skills, and strengthening the connection our kids have to their Lakota culture. In the process, we are building our young people’s capacity to achieve and serve as both leaders and culture bearers for the Lakota Nation.

Explore Our Programs

The Main

This youth center serves as our initial point of contact with our community’s children. At The Main, we provide fun and culturally relevant programming for 4- to 12-year-olds that includes arts and crafts, literacy, wellness and gardening. Click here to learn more.

Cokata Wiconi

When young people transition to our 26,000-square-foot teen center, they enter an environment in which they can explore new opportunities, pursue their interests, learn valuable job and life skills, have access to positive mentors, and find their own unique voices. Click here to learn more.

Native Food Sovereignty

Our naturally grown, 2.5-acre Winyan Toka Win (Leading Lady) Garden is dedicated to ensuring food sovereignty and security, and to strengthening the connection our youth and community members have with their Lakota life ways. Click here to learn more.

Social Enterprises

At CRYP, we embrace the principles of social enterprise to improve the health and economic vibrancy of our community. Our Keya (Turtle) Cafe, Keya Gift Shop and seasonal Leading Lady Farmers Market provide locally produced foods, crafts and other gift items as well as hands-on training and employment opportunities for our youth and community members. Click here to learn more.

Family Services

Understanding that one of the best ways to support our children is to make daily life even a little bit easier for their caregivers, CRYP created the Family Services division in 2002. A single membership fee covers an entire household for one year and provides access to our seasonal Heat Match Program; our annual Wo Otúh’an Wi Toy Drive, School Supplies Distribution and Winter Clothing Distribution; and much-needed household items and baby supplies. Click here to learn more.

Waniyetu Wowapi (Winter Count) Lakota Arts Institute

Through LAI, we provide access to arts, arts education and creative spaces that encourage positive self-expression, exploration of identity and development of arts-related job and life skills — and, we raise public awareness and appreciation of the value of the arts in community life for wellness, healing and reconciliation. Click here to learn more.