Lakota Culture

Lakota culture is rich in history and tradition. Check back as we continue to add content to this page.

Lakota in America – Short Film Documentary

For a hundred years, it was virtually illegal to be Lakota. The Native American tribe, known for its chiefs Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, and Red Cloud, was legally dispossessed of its religion, its spiritual practices, and much of its language, starting in the late 19th century. All Native American tribes were. Until 1978 and the passage of the American Indian Religious Freedom Act, generations of Lakota were raised without access to their culture.

Now, the Cheyenne River Youth Project is working with a determined generation of young Lakota to create a stronger economic and cultural future—and they’re using their Lakota heritage to get there.

The short film documentary below, Lakota in America, was produced by Square in 2017.

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