Wíŋyaŋ Wayúwaštepi – Celebrating Lakota Women

In recognition of Women’s History Month in March 2021, CRYP is launching a special celebration of our Wíŋyaŋ Wayúwaštepi — Lakota women who work hard to make things better for our families, communities, and the Lakota Nation. In the weeks and months to come, we will share the stories of these sacred Wíŋyaŋ Wayúwaštepi in this gallery and through our social media channels. 

Click on the image to read about each of these amazing women!

Marcella R. LeBeau

Dr. Karla Abbott

Lily Mendoza

Kella With Horn

Jerilyn LeBeau Church

Peggy Gallipo

Sandra Frazier

Tanya Fiddler

Margaret Eagle Staff

Dr. Kathie Bowker

Stephanie Charging Eagle

Dr. Vicki (Williams) Birkland

A. Gay Kingman

Lori High Elk

Verzella LaPlante

Karen Ducheneaux

Diane DuBray

Tennille Ducheneaux Scott

Bonnie LeBeaux

Frankie Rousseau

Collins Provost