Family Services
Created in 2002 and deeply grounded in the traditional Lakota value of generosity, CRYP’s Family Services Program serves our youth by supporting their relatives and caregivers. With basic needs secured, families are better able to care for their children.

Families purchase a yearly Membership for $30, which includes all household members. This membership allows access to school supplies, shoes, winter clothing, household supplies, emergency hygiene products, baby items, and the beloved Wo Otúh’an Wi Toy Drive.

Learn more about and apply for a Family Services Membership and complete services request forms here.



In an effort to empower our families and place their future in their own hands, CRYP offers a membership program, whereby families of our youth participants pay an annual fee of $30 to have access to special services and supplies. Learn more about Family Services Membership.

Wo Otúh’an Wi Toy Drive

For many years now, the Cheyenne River Youth Project has been bringing joy to families on Christmas day through our annual Wo Otúh’an Wi Toy Drive. The Wo Otúh’an Wi Toy Drive is not just about the gifts that children receive under their tree – it is about the gift of hope and wishes fulfilled. Learn more about the Wo Otúh’an Wi Toy Drive.

Other Services

The Family Services Program also provides many other services and assistance programs, some of which are seasonal or annual. Learn more about Other Services.