Wellness at The Main
The Cheyenne River Youth Project understands the importance of a healthy body for improving self-esteem, gaining confidence and keeping the mind open to new ideas and information. At The Main, Native Wellness activities include sports and games, free time on the playground, and organized clubs like Bike Club and Walking Club. Through these activities, the children learn teamwork, good sportsmanship, the benefits of physical fitness, and traditional Lakota values.

During the growing season, children at The Main also enjoy time in the Winyan Toka Win (Leading Lady) Garden. Through Garden Club, they learn to plant, nurture and harvest crops while spending active time outdoors with friends and connecting with Unčí Makhá (Grandmother Earth). For the Lakota people, a strong connection to the earth has always been a part of spiritual and daily life.

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Arts & Crafts

All cultures utilize the arts to provide social commentary, whether it is the expression of emotions, the documentation of historical events, or the preservation of heritage. The Lakota, also, have a rich history as craftspeople and artisans, a tradition that CRYP respects and promotes in its activities. Learn more about Arts & Crafts at the Main.


At CRYP, literacy is not just about reading. It’s about developing comprehension skills, exploring new ways to express yourself, and appreciating different forms of communication. And, it’s about having fun. Learn more about Literacy at the Main.


A healthy body is vital for improving self-esteem, gaining confidence and keeping the mind open to new ideas and information. Through our Wellness activities, our children enjoy recreation, mentorship and teamwork while learning new skills. Learn more about Wellness at the Main.

Main University

Through an innovative series of staff- and volunteer-taught classes in a variety of subjects, our award-winning Main University enhances children’s current school experience—and lays the groundwork for the whole new world of higher education. Learn more about Main University.


We encourage children to attend The Main on a regular basis through our fun, creative and educational Clubs. In each session, the kids build on what they learned the previous week, and they strengthen their connections to their mentors, peers and Lakota values. Learn more about The Main’s Clubs.