Waniyetu Wowapi Institute and Art Park

Classes and Workshops

The Waniyetu Wowapi Lakota Youth Arts and Culture Institute currently offers programming in fine art, graffiti and street art, and traditional Lakota arts. Our long-term vision includes music and movement, commercial arts, full internships/peer mentor program.

This type of contemporary arts instruction will allow our Lakota youth to do what the Lakota Nation has always done—communicating through art. Not only is LAI about healing, positive self-expression, storytelling and strengthening connection to culture, it also provides vital fuel for imagination, demonstrating to interested youth how they can pursue a viable and sustainable future through artistic careers.

Recent classes and workshops have included:

  • Drawing
  • Graffiti lettering
  • Spray can control
  • Collaborative murals
  • Hide painting
  • Traditional jewelry
  • Video Production

You can view our Youth art in our new Online Youth Art Gallery and Youth produced videos in our new online Youth Video Gallery.