What You Can Do

On a daily basis, people visit our website, read about us in the media, or hear about us secondhand. They reach out, asking how they can help support our mission in the Cheyenne River community. We have so many ways to help:

All donations are tax-deductible, and every contribution—regardless of size—is needed and deeply appreciated. Below, learn more about the many ways you can make a real difference in the lives of Cheyenne River’s children!

Monetary Donations

These types of donations are so important, as they allow the organization to apply your gift where it is most needed. However, if there is a specific program that you would like to support, we are more than happy to fulfill that request. You may directly choose the area you would like to support when making a donation using our secure donation form below. There are many ways to make a monetary donation: through purchasing wares or products of an organization, supporting a capital campaign, remembering an organization in your Last Will and Testament, or by sending a direct donation for general operating purposes.

Donate Via Square

Donate Via PayPal

Donor Advised Fund Giving

It’s easy to make a gift to the association through a donor advised fund (DAF). If you have an account with Fidelity Charitable or Schwab Charitable use the form below to make a gift conveniently from your account. Fill in the institution, the designation (how the funds are to be used) and the gift amount. 

In-Kind Donations

The term “In-kind” relates to the actual donation of goods or services to an organization. This type of donation opens up a lot of avenues for those who wish to support CRYP. Take a look at our needs lists for the Main Youth CenterCokata Wiconi Teen CenterFamily Services program, and general Cheyenne River Youth Project needs. If you have items to donate, please fill out our in-kind-donation-form below. You will receive an email acknowledgement for your in-kind donation so please be sure to check your spam if you don’t receive it in a timely fashion.

If you have any questions about the form please do not hesitate to contact us at (605) 964-8200.

Planned Giving

Remembering the Cheyenne River Youth Project in your Last Will and Testament is a way to protect your legacy as a supporter of our programs and services. While the subject of Planned Giving may seem uncomfortable, or even unnecessary to think about, many people are spending the time to consider it now, so that their families can have comfort knowing exactly what their loved one would have wanted. CRYP is so appreciative of our supporters who are committed to ensuring that their support lives on. If you have any questions about Planned Giving, please feel free to contact us at (605) 964-8200.

Donate Stocks

CRYP welcomes and encourages you to consider gifting marketable securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.).  There can be significant tax advantages through this type of gift. If this is something you would like to pursue, please contact Executive Director Julie Garreau at (605) 964-8200 or She will provide you with the necessary information to make these gifts.


CRYP has partnered with the South Dakota Community Foundation to maximize our charitable endowment efforts. SDCF, since 1987, has helped people reach their philanthropic goals and strengthen communities by making their charitable donations do more. Every day, SDCF works to simplify the process and grow charitable donations through careful investment — so your donations to the CRYP Endowment Fund can go further and do more good.
SDCF is at the center of philanthropic growth in South Dakota. It provides essential services to both donors and public charities, like CRYP. It also plays a key role in uniting local philanthropists with our mission. SDCF is our philanthropic partner – not just through its endowment expertise, but also through grants and its charitable giving expertise.
The distribution rate of the funds managed by SDCF is 4.5% of the average fair market value of the total endowment (average to be computed based on 16 quarter trailing average or actual quarters during first four years of the fund’s existence.) This distributable/spendable amount is available to CRYP each year, to be used for our most urgent needs and opportunities.