What You Can Do

Many people contact us to ask “How can I help?” Individuals who visit our website, read about us in the paper, or hear about us second hand and feel inspired by our mission are reaching out to us all the time to find their place in our efforts.

Whether by giving a financial contribution, creating your own GoFundMe campaign on behalf of CRYP, collecting supplies from our needs list, or volunteering – there is always something you can do for kids on Cheyenne River. Every contribution, big or small, is needed and appreciated. Keep in mind that all donations are tax deductible. Scroll down to find out how you can support the Cheyenne River Youth Project.

Monetary Donations

These types of donations are so important, as they allow the organization to apply your gift where it is most needed. However, if there is a specific program that you would like to support, we are more than happy to fulfill that request. You may directly choose the area you would like to support when making a donation using our secure donation form below. There are many ways to make a monetary donation: through purchasing wares or products of an organization, supporting a capital campaign, remembering an organization in your Last Will and Testament, or by sending a direct donation for general operating purposes.

Donate Via Square

Donate Via PayPal

In-Kind Donations

The term “In-kind” relates to the actual donation of goods or services to an organization. This type of donation opens up a lot of avenues for those who wish to support CRYP. Take a look at our needs lists for the Main Youth CenterCokata Wiconi Teen CenterFamily Services program, and general Cheyenne River Youth Project needs.

If you have items to donate, please fill out our in-kind donation form to include the items you are sending to us. If you have any questions about the form please do not hesitate to contact us at (605) 964-8200.

GoFundMe Charity

CRYP is a registered charity with GoFundMe. You can make a donation directly through GoFundMe or you can even start your own campaign on behalf of CRYP. Learn more here.

Planned Giving

Remembering the Cheyenne River Youth Project in your Last Will and Testament is a way to protect your legacy as a supporter of our programs and services. While the subject of Planned Giving may seem uncomfortable, or even unnecessary to think about, many people are spending the time to consider it now, so that their families can have comfort knowing exactly what their loved one would have wanted. CRYP is so appreciative of our supporters who are committed to ensuring that their support lives on. If you have any questions about Planned Giving, please feel free to contact us.


The Friends of Cheyenne River Youth Project is a non-profit organization created specifically to encourage long-term and planned income for the Cheyenne River Youth Project. We strongly believe that general fundraising and donations can provide much needed support for the project, but an endowment fund, where the capital is protected and the profits can be dispersed regularly, is the only way to create true financial security for the project.

The Friends organization consists of a board of directors, who retain no fee or income for fulfilling their role. They are involved in planning and implementing fundraising in a way which protects the Cheyenne River Youth Project’s general income and, as the dividends grow, whose role will be to ensure that the income is dispersed within CRYP in a way which supports the long-term future of the project, and the wishes of the donors. CRYP’s Endowment Fund is managed by the South Dakota Community Foundation: (1-800-888-1842)

For more information please contact Julie Garreau, Executive Director by calling 605-964-8200 or by email: