Sadat & collinsjordan Limited Edition Print


Own a limited edition print from RedCan 2020 Artists Sadat & collinsjordan. Size 16 x 20. Limited edition of 20 printed on archival paper.

An Oklahoma native, SADAT is an artist of many mediums, though his foundation is rooted in graffiti culture. He began his career as a writer in 1995 in Tulsa as a member of the TMO/BLA graffiti crew, founded in Los Angeles. Later he joined Soul Style Crew, an all elements hip-hop unit from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sadat is noted for his affinity to style development and letter aesthetics. Over the years, his work has graced public spaces across the country in the form of individual works; he also has contributed to national initiatives with larger artist collectives. One of these initiatives is “Water Writes,” an international mural campaign sponsored by the Estria Foundation to raise awareness for water rights around the world.

Mitakuyapi! Collins Provost-Fields emaciyapi. She is an enrolled member of CRST, and identifies herself as an artist of many different mediums. Her favorite ways to utilize creative energy is by way of beadwork, painting, writing, designing, photography, etc. She feels art is an excellent and natural way of helping oneself and others mend internal wounds while creating an outlet for change. Evolving as an artist has empowered Collins to translate the traditional motifs used in her beadwork designs to walls. She feels this to be a powerful way to carry on traditional Lakota knowledge and storytelling in new forms.

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In stock