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Own a limited edition print from RedCan 2020 Artist Scribe. Size 16 x 20. Limited edition of 20 printed on archival paper.

The Badger brings Sweet Grass

When I was thinking about the theme of “Remembering your Medicine” and the mission of CRYP, I wanted to find a connection between the two. Personally I see the Youth center like the Badger, which I read to be strong medicine mainly reserved for children. The Badger represents a type of warfare and never backs down much like CRYP when it comes to the children in their community and beyond. The buffalo stuffed animal in his backpack represents the idea of bringing all things more abundantly. There are a lot of unseen forces at war over the minds of all of our children. This Badger digs in with his medicine qualities and is carrying sweet grass for healing and peace over the community’s children. I liked the idea that an animal thought of as a type of warrior on behalf of children was bringing healing as well. Fighting back through peaceful measures.

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In stock