At CRYP, we love welcoming new children to The Main youth center. Not only is it a joy getting to know each and every one of them, it’s so much fun to see what interests they explore, and what gets them excited.

Charly Etzkorn, 11, first came to The Main this past spring. Her parents told her about it, and she wanted to check it out.

“I came to learn new things and have fun,” says the sixth-grader, who did exactly that.

Because her interests include video editing and photography, Charly joined a special digital media class with Wingspan Media in May. She also loves gymnastics, and she served as a Main Youth Instructor for the gymnastics component of Wellness Wednesdays in November.

“I wanted other girls from my home town to feel the joy I feel when I’m doing gymnastics,” she explains.  “I love gymnastics, basketball and singing because they all keep me healthy, physically and mentally.”

Charly says she’s happy at The Main, “because everybody is super friendly and makes sure you enjoy what you are doing,” whether that’s doing arts and crafts (she particularly enjoys sewing), learning responsibility, or making new friends.

Charly hopes to be a singer, and to travel the world someday.