In the last two days, our RedCan artists have been completing their large-scale murals in the city of Eagle Butte, supported by volunteer assistants and local youth artists. While they painted, volunteers from Ursuline College and the University of Missouri-St. Louis hosted arts and crafts activities for youth ages 4-12.

On the first day alone, we welcomed more than 100 children to our arts and crafts activities at two select community sites!

Tomorrow morning, the action shifts to CRYP’s Waniyetu Wowapi (Winter Count) Art Park for the final two days of our four-day, award-winning event. In addition to mural painting and youth art activities, the schedule on Friday and Saturday also includes art classes with RedCan guest instructors, traditional Lakota dancing, hoop dancing classes, games, community meals, and live music and performances.


Friday, July 7: Waniyetu Wowapi Art Park, CRYP Campus
(Google Maps/GPS: 101 East Lincoln Street)

11 a.m.: Cloud dough and sidewalk chalk

11 a.m.: Lakota Dance Exhibition

2 p.m.: Field Day games, friendship bracelets

3 p.m.: Skateboard painting with Biafra and Wundr, spray painting with 179, earring making with Reed Two Bulls

6 p.m.: “Build Your Own Fiesta Bowl/Burrito” — community meal hosted by USML volunteer group

7 p.m.: Live music! Lakota rock band The Wake Singers on the Waniyetu Wowapi Art Park stage


Saturday, July 8: Waniyetu Wowapi Art Park, CRYP Campus

11 a.m.: Design Your Own Superhero: mask, cape, bookmark; “Calm Down” jars

2 p.m.: Slime-making

2 p.m.: Hoop-dancing workshop with The Sampson Brothers

3 p.m.: Skateboard painting with Biafra and Wundr, spray painting with 179, earring making with Reed Two Bulls

4 p.m.: Water Field Day: capture the waterfall (flag), water target practice, frozen T-shirts, water slide kickball

6 p.m.: Community dinner hosted by CRYP staff

7 p.m.: Live performances from Lakota rap artist Bazille and acclaimed hoop dancers The Sampson Brothers on the Waniyetu Wowapi Art Park stage

The Cheyenne River-based Wakinyan Maza drum group will open and close each day of RedCan with a prayer, smudging and drum song at CRYP’s Čhokáta Wičhóni (Center of Life) teen center for all who wish to participate.

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The Cheyenne River Youth Project, founded in 1988, is a grassroots, not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing the youth of the Cheyenne River reservation with access to a vibrant and secure future through a wide variety of culturally sensitive and enduring programs, projects and facilities that ensure strong, self-sufficient families and communities.